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Does a Property Owner Have a Duty to Provide Security Guards?

Not necessarily. Much of that question depends upon the type of business that is being run and the location and what the history of the location is. Even if the business is a very simple business that does not deal with guns or does not deal with alcohol, they might be required to provide security just because the neighborhood is dangerous.

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How Soon After I Am Injured Do I Have to File a Lawsuit in Florida?

For the most part it’s going to be four years. If the party or the company or the person that injured you was a government employee you might need to take steps prior to that four years, so you need to talk to an attorney that’s experienced and can guide you through the timing of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by.

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How Can a Business Owner Provide a Reasonably Safe Environment?

For my clients that come to me that own businesses or own properties, I always advise them to look into security. Not for them to look into security, but for them to hire a security consultant to do a review of their operation and of the area to tell them what they think they need to provide adequate security, if in fact they do need to provide adequate security.

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