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3M Earplugs Case

How Much Is Your Hearing Worth?

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If you served in any branch of the military between 2003 and 2015 and have deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing, swooshing, clicking, or whistling in your head and ear) it may be the result of wearing defective CAEv2 earplugs made by 3M or Aearo Technologies.

In fact, 3M settled a lawsuit with the U.S. Government and paid them $9.1 million; yet admitted no wrongdoing! The military personnel who actually suffered the hearing damage and its impact on their daily life received nothing!  However, the good news is that each individual who has been affected is now able to sue 3M for compensation.


Firstly, there is no cost to you. It will take a little time, but once you provide some basic facts, the lawyers take over and there is little more for you do to. There can no guarantees but, if you win, the reward could be a worthwhile amount.  Let’s be upfront, about 40% goes to the lawyers for the work they do, litigation costs, including expert testimony, as well as reimbursing for any prior related medical expenses. The balance is yours and frankly, this is your best chance of getting reasonable compensation.


Deciding on which lawyer will do the best job for you is not easy. You should certainly look for expertise and experience with defective products and disability cases. 3M is likely to fight back and hard, so you need to have at their disposal the resources and networking into the research facilities of a big law firm. Also, your attorney should have passion, personal drive and sheer determination to make it right for the little guy against the wrongdoing of a big corporation.

Your starting point might be a discussion with Gregg Goldfarb, the principal of the Goldfarb LLP law firm. He not only has the credentials, including close to 25 years of experience in litigation against some of the biggest companies and the Government, but is also a tinnitus sufferer and chairs a disability organization. Gregg is tenacious, fighting for what is right and your dedication while serving for our country. He is here to help you.

There is no downside to giving Gregg a call at 305.374.7000 (or entering your email or phone number below) for him to make contact.

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