Settlement of Opioid Litigation Amongst The States

What more could want then a global pandemic that has killed over one million people? How about a massive drug addiction epidemic spurred on by greedy pharmaceutical companies capitalizing on the problems that severe pain causes people. Yes welcome to the world of an opioid crisis.

Opioid Settlement

Opium is not a new drug and this isn’t the first time that its presence has ravished large masses of a population. In the 19th Century, the Brits and the United States exported opium to China resulting in big problems for China. Two wars in the 19th Century were called the Opium Wars.
So you would think that the world would be highly sensitive to opium. Yet here we are “back in court” where States have sued pharamaceutical companies for the epidemic crisis of opioid addiction in the United States. Last year alone, there were 93,000 overdose deaths largely caused by the synthetic opioid fentanyl.
This month, a group of state attorneys general announced that they have reached a conditional settlement with 3 of the pharmaceutical companies involved in this epidemic, including Johnson & Johnson. The terms of the deal include these companies paying out over $25 billion over a number of years to bring treatment and recovery to those addicted. The States have 30 days to decide whether to accept the deal. Already one State, West Virginia is balking due to the amount of that pool of money going to West Virginia.

Stay tuned to see whether this settlement gets approved.

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