Boy Scouts, The Church and Sexual Abuse

YES you read that correctly. For decades, there have been priests have been sexually abusing minors. Many of these victims lives were utterly destroyed and many had no idea what to do about it. As many of you know, most types of civil litigation have time periods that the person has to file a lawsuit, or their claim will be forever barred. Due to the fact that sexual abuse victims often won’t expose the perpetrator for decades, the perpetrators are able to avoid liability and being excommunicated. Many States have decided to do away with this requirement to file lawsuits within a certain time period. Thus, many of these victims (now adults) have brought their claims against several Roman Catholic dioceses around the country, forcing many of these Churches to file for bankruptcy protection.
Hand in hand with the Churches, the past few years have seen tens of thousands of boy scouts come out and reveal that their boy scout leaders also sexually abused them. The Boy Scouts of America also filed for bankruptcy protection to reorganize and pay off these claims. Recently a proposed settlement was presented to the 70,000 or so victims. Only 73% voted in favor of the settlement. In February, the bankruptcy judge will have a status conference to determine whether the settlement will be in effect or not. So this year also figures to be a big year for this litigation.

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