Weeds Killers Killing More Than Weeds-Roundup and Paraquat

ROUNDUP and PARAQUAT-the herbicides that kill and destroy us. News that all Roundup cases settled was a bit premature and overstated. Bayer (which bought out Monsanto back in 2018) settled many, but not all of the claims. The settlement was in the neighborhood of $11 billion for approximately 100,000 cases. Bayer is still faced with several thousand claims, including people who are first being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (the disease that Roundup allegedly causes). There have been five cases brought to trial so far. The first three trials resulted in large verdicts for the Plaintiffs. One of those verdicts has been appealed to the Supreme Court which has requested the Administration to offer its views on the case. This year saw two more trials conclude. Both were defense verdicts. One of them was done through zoom and lasted several months with numerous challenges due to nuances of a trial conducted with jurors and witnesses appearing through zoom. My podcast featured two episodes with investigative journalist, Carey Gillam, who has been following Roundup for over two decades, including reporting on the litigation as it has been unfolding. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cut-to-the-chase/id1551362164?i=1000536504040. AND https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cut-to-the-chase/id1551362164?i=1000537971885. Carey has authored two books exposing the suspect conduct of Monsanto in its efforts to get Roundup approved by the EPA and its marketing of the product as safe. Due to her efforts (as well as many others), many governments have banned the use of Roundup. This year Bayer (the new owner of Roundup) has voluntarily removed the product for sale to consumers, although they continue to sell it commercially.
Paraquat, another herbicide that is used to combat weeds, has become a hot topic this year as the evidence mounts showing paraquat causes Parkisons Disease. This litigation is in its beginning stages and should become a major topic in 2022.

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