You probably came to this website because you or someone you know in the military suffers from deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus. Such conditions can be permanent and potentially life-changing. Beyond physical loss of hearing the associated frustration, stress and depression affects not just the sufferer but also family and friends and impact social life.
If you were in the U.S. military (including Reserves and National Guard), from 2003 to 2015, were issued yellow/dark green dual-core CAEv2 earplugs made by 3M or Aearo Technologies and have a hearing condition you believe was caused by explosion or other load noise such, you may be entitled to compensation.
This is because a whistle-blower alerted the U.S. Government that 3M were aware the earplugs were defective yet sold them to the military. A lawsuit resulted and 3M paid your Government $9.1 million; yet admitted no wrongdoing!  Those people who actually suffered the hearing damage received nothing!  And, the Government has left each individual to sue 3M for recompense.


Military sufferers are only just becoming aware of this distressing situation and unfortunately many won’t pursue a claim because they believe the process is too complicated and daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be with the right attorney.
Let’s be upfront here! With situations such as this, many lawyers jump on the bandwagon to initiate lawsuits on behalf of their clients. There could be in fact be thousands in this case as it is not about a class-action, but a mass tort where each individual must pursue their own case and claim for damages against 3M based on circumstance.
There is often confusion surrounding costs and who gets what if there is a settlement. Simply, there is no cost to the plaintiff (that is you). If the case is won in court or by prior settlement, 40% of the award goes to the lawyers (they do a vast amount of work to build the case and risk getting nothing if the case is lost).  There may also be costs for expert testimony and possibly medical expenses that you were initially required to pay. Beyond this, the balance goes to you. It is your best chance of getting compensation.


So how do you choose the best lawyer to hopefully win your case? Expertise with defective products and disability cases are critical. 3M is likely to fight hard, so your lawyer needs experience, resources and networking into research facilities.
But, they must also have passion, drive and determination to make it right for the little guy against the wrongdoing of a big corporation.
It is your decision as to whom you work with, but your starting point should be a discussion with Gregg Goldfarb, the principal of the Goldfarb, LLP. Gregg not only has all the credentials, including close to 25 years of experience in liability law but is also a tinnitus sufferer and chairs a disability organization. He is tenacious, he fights for the rightful reward for your injury and your dedication while serving for our country. As a tinnitus sufferer himself, Gregg has done a lot of research to pull together information about the latest developments in the medicine, nutrition, devices and lifestyle aimed at improving hearing loss.
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Photograph: Filip Bunkens